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List of modules

  • ADN
    permits to add photon noise, background noise, read-out noise and dark-current noise to an image/cube of images;
  • ANB
    performs the astrometric and photometric analysis on a restored binary type object;
  • BLI
    performs the deconvolution of a cube of images when the user don't have a PSF;
  • CNV
    permits to make a convolution between a cube of 2D PSFs and an object 2D map;
  • DEC
    performs the deconvolution of a cube of images;
  • DSP
    executes the simulation for the data DiSPlay (DSP) module;
  • FSM
    find stars and perform the astrometric and photometric analysis, given a detection treshold expressed in rms background;
  • OBJ
    permits to define map of different types of astronomical objects as a target for observation and/or subsequent image reconstruction/deconvolution;
  • PRE
    permits to pre-process an cube of images before a subsequent image restoration/deconvolution process;
  • RFT
    restores data cubes;
  • RSC
    restores data cubes;
  • SIM
    saves output structures image;
  • WFT
    saves output structures image in .fits format which header contains parameters of the image structure.