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Large Binocular Telescope image restoration using simulated adaptively corrected point-spread functions

S.Correia, M.Carbillet, A.Richichi, M.Bertero, P.Boccacci

Interferometry in Optical Astronomy - Proc. SPIE Vol. 4006, 650-658 (2000)

In this paper we present simulations of Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) image reconstruction carried out on different types of scientific object. The set of Adaptive Optics-corrected point-spread functions (AO-corrected PSFs) used was generated by means of the Code for Adaptive Optics System (CAOS 2.0). For clarity only one restoration method was applied to the simulated data, namely the extension of the Lucy-Richardson (LR) algorithm, also called ML-EM (Maximum Likelihood - Expectation Maximization). When possible we evaluated the quality of the restorations obtained both by astrometric and photometric analysis. By comparison with results obtained using analytical PSFs, we point out the effect induced by the AO correction on the precision of the retrieved astrometric and photometric parameters or on the morphology of the reconstructed object.

Download: MUNICH-2.pdf