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Restoration of interferometric images - I. The software package AIRY

S.Correia, M.Carbillet, P.Boccacci, M.Bertero, and L.Fini

A&AS - 387, 733-743 (2002)

The Sofware Package AIRY (Astronomical Image Restoration in interferometrY) described in this paper is designed for simulated and/or multiple deconvolution of interferometric images. It was conceived for application to the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT), but can also be used for future interferometers of the same class. AIRY is modular, IDL-based, and designed to be use together with the CAOS (Code for Adaptative Optics Systems) Application Builder. As concers mulpiple deconvolution AIRY includes an implementation of the method OS-EM (Ordered Subsets-Expectation Maximization) which is an accelerated version of the Lucy-Richardson method. After a description of the structure and modules of the software package, it use is illustrated with a few applications. In particular the intrinsic performance of the implemented restoration method is explored in the case of binary stars of different angular separations and magnitude differences, as well as in the case of a diffuse object. The possibility of obtaining super-resolved images of unresolved binary stars is also demonstrated.

Download: AIRY-1.pdf