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Restoration of interferometric images - II. The case-study of the Large Binocular Telescope

M.Carbillet, S.Correia, P.Boccacci, and M.Bertero

A&AS - 387, 744-757 (2002)

The Sofware Package AIRY (Astronomical Image Restoration in interferometrY), designed for multiple deconvolution of interferometric images and presented in the previous paper, is applied to the investigation of the imaging properties of the Large Binocular Telescope. For our analysis we use a simulated object consisting of a core binary star surrounded by a circumbinary ring " la GG Tau". We first investigate the effect of angular coverage (linked to the problem of time-averaging smearing of the interferometric images), which depends on the declination of the observed object. The result are encouraging because we find that, even in the case of incomplete coverage, satisfactory estimations of the relevant astronomical parameters may be obtained. We then study two different adaptive optics (AO) correction schemes, namely classical AO and multi-conjugate AO. We find that the uniformity of the point spread functions (PSF) over the fiel-of-view, rather then the absolute quality of the AO-corrected reference PSFs, is fundamental for the quality of the restored images.

Download: AIRY-2.pdf