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a numerical simulations tool for astronomical adaptive optics (and beyond)

M. Carbillet, C. Verinaud, M. Guarraccino, L. Fini, O. Lardiere, B. Le Roux, A. Puglisi, B. Femeia, A. Riccardi, B. Anconelli, M. Bertero, and P. Boccacci

Advancements in adaptive optics - Proc. SPIE Vol. 5490, 636-648 (2004)

We present recent developments of the CAOS "system", an IDL-based Problem Solving Environment (PSE) whose original aim was to define and simulate as realistically as possible the behavior of a generic adaptive optics (AO) system, from the atmosheric propagation of light to the sensing of the wave-front aberrations and the correction through a deformable mirror. The different developments made through the last 7 years result in a very versatile numerical tool complete of a global graphical interface (the CAOS Application Builder), and different specialized scientific packages: the original one designed for AO system simulations (the Software Package CAOS), an image reconstruction package with interferometric capabilities (the Software Package AIRY), and a more recent one being built and dedicated to multiconjugate AO (the Software Package MAOS). We present the status of the whole CAOS "system"/PSE, together with the most recent developments, including parallelization strategy considerations, examples of application, and plans for the next future.

Download: GLASGOW-2.pdf